Lift Stations

Southwest Florida Lift Station Maintenance

As with most plumbing equipment, lift stations are something you may not think about until they’re not working correctly. Lift stations are designed to move water, wastewater and sewage from a low elevation to a higher one. Although lift stations are necessary and useful, they’re not exempt from potential problems and malfunctions.

The pumps and controls are under constant stress, and they need regular maintenance in order to function at full efficiency. Regular, preventative maintenance can save lift station owners from costly repairs associated with downtime and emergency pump out expenses.

At Diversified Plumbing Services, our trained technicians have experience repairing and maintaining lift stations. We offer lift station repair services, monthly and one-time maintenance and a full pressure wash of your lift station.

Diversified Plumbing Services is proud to provide lift station repairs and maintenance to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or service for your lift station.

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