Septic Tanks Filters Services
Without a properly maintained septic tank you run the risk of pollution, soggy soil surrounding the property, foul smells and the chances of contracting diseases can be high. In order to keep your septic tank in good condition, the septic filter should be monitored frequently and changed when necessary to ensure the system is functioning properly. You could do this yourself, or you could avoid the mess and hire a professional for the job. Before considering whether or not you want to get your hands dirty, let’s delve into septic tanks filters 101, shall we?

What is a Septic Tank Filter?

Septic tanks are designed with a ‘T’ outlet and this is where the septic tank filter will be inserted. It plays a big role in the way the septic tank system works, because before water is released into the wastewater drain field, the liquid will be filtered to minimize the amount of solids in the tank. Not only does the monitoring and replacement of the filter increase the lifespan of a septic tank but also, it improves the condition of the drain field where the wastewater is being discharged to.

Regardless of whether the drain field has beds, trenches or pits to soak up the flow, when you think about the costs of replacing your drain field (which can exceed $10,000) the small cost of maintaining your septic tank and learning about septic tanks filters is more than worth it.

How Can the Filter Be Monitored?

As your septic filter does its job, debris can collect lowering the efficiency and increasing the chance of a clog. A little bit of monitoring could extend the life of the entire system and make you aware of any problems that might be present. Two signs that scheduled maintenance is required include:

  • Overflowing wastewater
  • Slow draining wastewater

By inspecting the filter, you can decipher if it needs cleaned or replaced. The size of the filter affects how often maintenance is required, as does the number of occupants living inside a property and what kind of household products are used.

Why Hiring a Contractor is a Good Idea

Plumbers or contractors who are licensed and know everything there is to know about septic tanks filters. They will understand basic cleaning procedures, not to mention the precautions that should be taken ahead of completing the task.