Plumbing Services in Cape Coral, FL

Get fast, dependable plumbing services in Cape Coral at affordable prices. A plumber from Diversified Plumbing can stop leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues quickly. Contact us today for all types of plumbing repairs, including drain cleaning repair and water heater repair.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Repair

Broken, leaky, or clogged pipes and drains can cause a variety of problems around your property. A clogged drain may lead to a backup and overflow or a burst pipe. Leaks may cause water damage, structural damage, and other safety risks.

At Diversified Plumbing, we solve plumbing issues fast. We handle everything from leaky faucets to backups and more. Get a hold of us today to schedule plumbing services in Cape Coral, FL.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

A broken water heater can get in the way of your daily routine. You depend on your water heater for clean dishes, laundry, and showering. With professional gas water heater repair, you can get back on track quickly.

We offer convenient electric and gas water heater repair. Our technicians work on all major models of water heaters and can typically solve your issue in a single visit.

You can also rely on our gas water heater installers to install a new heater if your old one is beyond repair. Allow our gas water heater installers to help you choose the best heater for your home.

Whether you need repairs or a new water heater, we have you covered. Diversified Plumbing has years of experience serving customers throughout Cape Coral and the surrounding area.

Call us on 239-788-0696 for swift service from a skilled plumber in Cape Coral, FL.