Septic Plumbing TruckWastewater and sewage generally isn’t something that the majority of homeowners like to think about. However, not paying a little bit of thought to it could result in pollution, contamination and health hazards.

By performing periodic septic tank pump-outs, you can save on costly repairs to your septic system. The frequency of septic tank pump-outs will depend on the current use of the system and the number of people living in the household. Septic tank pump-outs for residential use are recommended at least once every three years.

However, this really depends on a number of factors – factors that you should make yourself aware of if you are to ensure the utmost quality of life and good health for your family.

So, enlighten yourself about the determinants of septic tank pumping:

Family and Tank Size

How big is your family? The bigger your family, the more water you will likely use on a regular basis and so, you will probably have a tank fitted with a fairly large capacity. More waste will settle on the top of a big tank and if it is not pumped, inorganic matter that cannot decompose will form a layer of sludge, which may overflow and contribute to the spreading of diseases.

Checking the Sludge Level

A little bit of investigating will go a long way when it comes to figuring out a cleaning schedule for your septic tank system. Certain devices can be used to check the sludge level and this is called the ‘stick test’ procedure. You will be able to clearly see at which point the scum stops when you remove the stick and typically, sticks for testing will measure around 10 feet long.

Inspect the Septic Tank

The condition of the tank itself and the pipe seals will tell you a lot about whether septic waste needs to be removed or not. Make sure the tank is positioned away from streams and wells, so as to prevent water pollution.

Hire a Trusted Company

Additives will contribute to creating fresh bacteria, so refrain from using them and instead, hire a licensed septic tank pumping contractor who is capable of performing annual maintenance checks. Contractors from a trusted company will also be able to install and repair septic tanks, if these services are necessary.

Sticking to a septic tank pumping schedule could extend the system’s life and save you money on repairs, not to mention provide health and safety benefits. The same applies whether you have an alternative system or a conventional system fitted, so don’t hesitate in contacting someone who is licensed by your local Board of Health.