The last thing a homeowner wants to hear is that they need an expensive sewer repair. It might not be something they can afford at the moment and even if they can, it could feel like lost money.

Diversified Plumbing Services offers trenchless sewer cleaning and sewer repair in the Fort Myers – Cape Coral area and throughout Lee and Collier County in Southwest Florida

A sewer system isn’t something homeowners think about until something has gone wrong. If, however, they do give it some thought and some attention, they will save themselves a lot of money over time.

We recommend to call in a professional to have your drains and sewers inspected as part of your spring cleaning. Here are some things you can to do help avoid expensive sewer drain problems:

  • Have the sewer system inspected. If you’ve lived in the home for a while or you’re purchasing an older home, have a professional inspect it. Thanks to the technology available today, a sewer line inspection doesn’t require your property to be disrupted. The technician can either give your line a clean bill of health or notify you of problems they’ve encountered that require repairing. If detected early enough, it might not be as big a bill.
  • Have your sewer line cleaned regularly. Even with newer sewer lines, sludge and debris will accumulate along the sides. Eventually, they could accumulate enough that your system backs up. Water Hydro-Jetting is a simple process that clears your lines completely and is relatively cheap. It can also eliminate tree roots which have pierced your pipes and which if left to grow could create major cracks.
  • Take care when doing landscaping. One of the biggest problems many homeowners face is when tree roots pierce into their pipes, causing a leak. If you’re planting new trees, keep in mind where your sewer line is. Try to ensure that as the tree grows, it doesn’t become a potential hazard for your sewer line.
  • Be cautious about what you flush down your toilet. Many homeowners get in the habit of tossing trash into their toilet and think that a simple flush will dispose of it. Don’t flush any paper or cotton items that are not specifically manufactured for it and don’t break down easily. Also, don’t dump grease down your toilet because you’re worried about clogging the kitchen sink. Dispose of it another way.
  • Have your sewer system insured. Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover sewer repair service in Southwest Florida, but a few do. Shop around or talk to your insurance agent about it. The premiums might be a little higher, but they’ll be more than offset by the savings later if something does occur.

Contact Diversified Plumbing services to have your sewer inspected. Our experienced and fully insured technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can pinpoint any problems right away and give accurate, affordable estimate on the spot.

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